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Karate Lettuce Chopper  A black belt lettuce knife. No leafy green vegetable is safe from the Karate Chopper. Serrated and dishwasher safe, this lettuce knife gives a punch to your produce.  12  Karate Lettuce Chopper 
Floating Bookshelves  For an ultra-minimal look, the Conceal bookshelf from Umbra mounts to the wall and becomes invisible behind a stack of books, giving the books the appearance of floating in mid-air. Attach the sturdy, L-shaped shelf to the wall with the included mounting hardware and slide one book onto the ledge so that the ledge is sandwiched between the book's cover and pages.  Floating Bookshelves 
Groovy Color Changing Pillow  The Moonlight Cushion is a colour changing LED cushion! Removable cover made of soft, white plush fabric with a zip closure, The novelty pillow measures approx 32 cm x 32 cm x 11 cm.  50  Groovy Color Changing Pillow 
Foggy Mirror Wiper  Why should wipers only be found on car windshields? It's the perfect accessory for foggy bathrooms.  130  Foggy Mirror Wiper 
Water Slide Bounce House  Features dimension: Approximately 16 x 15 x 8. Max occupancy: 5. Inflate time: less than 2 minutes.  700  Water Slide Bounce House 
Pizza Cone Maker  Pizza in a cone? Yes indeed. Pizza cones are the newest way to prepare fun, personalized pizzas for the entire family.  19  Pizza Cone Maker 
Toilet Mini-Golf  You get home from a long day at work. The kids are bothering you. The wife is being her lovely self. All you want to do is practice your putt but you don't have the time to hit the course for a few weeks. Well why not work out the kinks in your putting game with our new Potty Putter? It's a true innovation in getting the most out of each trip to the restroom.  18  Toilet Mini-Golf 
Handgun Egg Frying Mold  With this Gun Egg Fryer, your eggs will finish up with a bang! Spruce up plain old eggs by pouring them into this mold to make a breakfast to die for.  Handgun Egg Frying Mold 
Solar Touch Keyhole Light  Place the light above the keyhole on your entry door, or use it on your shed, greenhouse, or garage door. With its innovative "touch-on" technology, you simply touch to activate and the light will stay on for 15 seconds so you can get in safely and quickly.  17  Solar Touch Keyhole Light 
Staircase Basket  For when your regular baskets aren't optimized to your staircase  27  Staircase Basket 

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