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Harry Potter Snuggie Blanket  Apparently the new Hogwarts uniforms come in blanket form now.  30  Harry Potter Snuggie Blanket 
Power Rangers Dresses  These costume tank dresses are perfect for groups going out for Halloween or to show your pride for the fun-loving, fierce rangers!  34  Power Rangers Dresses 
Wooden Watches  Feather-light, smooth and made of 100% natural wood, WeWOOD is the eco-chic way to tell time. Born in Florence, the city of art, beauty and creativity, WeWOOD consolidates the Italian ability to architect unique items and the necessity to care for our environment.  120  Wooden Watches 
Sex Panther Cologne  Offically Licensed Anchorman product. That scent of a raging beast is sure to turn you into the sex animal you know you are.  35  Sex Panther Cologne 
Glow In The Dark Nail Polish  Glow in the dark and under black light nail polish 4-Piece set. This gorgeous new Glow in the Dark colored nail polish will ignite your nails with a sultry glow!   10  Glow In The Dark Nail Polish 
Moustache Tie Clip  Who said tie clips have to be boring? The moustache tie clip disguises your tie and adds a touch of whimsy to your formal business attire. Functional without compromising style, it is an understated accessory that every man needs in his fashion arsenal.  40  Moustache Tie Clip 
Fingerstache Temporary Tattoo  Do you want to instantaneously appear more attractive, worldly and sophisticated? Perhaps you need to momentarily class up a friend? Maybe a neighbor's baby? Fingerstach temporary tattoos are the solution you're looking for.  Fingerstache Temporary Tattoo 
Switchblade Pocket Comb  Switchblade Pocket Comb - Folding Greaser Comb  Switchblade Pocket Comb 
Freddy Krueger Glove  Look like you just stepped off A Nightmare on Elm Street movie set with this authentic Freddy Krueger glove. It features four, faux blades that have a realistic appearance. It provides mobility with two sets of movable knuckle joints. Secure it in place with the adjustable finger straps and string across the wrist. The finishing touch to any horror film costume.  25  Freddy Krueger Glove 
Mini Air Hockey Table  The Harvil Tabletop Air Hockey Table is a lightweight and affordable way to introduce the fun of air hockey to children. This air hockey table comes complete with a battery-powered blower that moves the puck on a pocket of air-- just like the full size tables!  88  Mini Air Hockey Table 

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